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REBLOG: Why you don’t need a great resume to work with The Agency

Mauricio lent his insight to a recent Business Insider article about the supportive culture surrounding The Agency, the newest and rapidly growing boutique brokerage across the globe, and went into why the 10 rules he created are the driving force behind The Agency's...

Maybe it wasn’t “Mentee” to be!

Maybe it wasn’t “mentee” to be! Throughout my life as I made my way through my education and then in different occupations, I figured out I am a “tactile learner,” which is a fancy way of saying I learn best hands-on or by doing tasks directly. My first large project...

Why Chris Costabile?

Why Chris Costabile?

1. OUR SERVICE We have succeeded in raising several funds for our community over the last 4 years, using many different fundraising avenues such as taking part in the Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day and donating a portion of each commission cheque to the Canadian Breast...

Sold in 30 Days* Or It’s Free

Sold in 30 Days* Or It’s Free

I don’t just promise to sell your home, I guarantee it. Our Sold in 30 Days* Or It's Free guarantee is as simple as this: we sell your home in 30 days, or we will sell it commission-free. Want the details? Keep reading below. Must accept offers that are at least 95%...

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