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When you’re buying in a competitive market, your success depends upon the expert advice and services provided by your realtor.

Exceeding expectations and delivering award-winning results requires a unique understanding of the Real Estate market and the needs of each individual client. Chris strives to make your buying and/or selling experience as positive and stress-free as possible. From our client care coordinators to our team leaders, each member of our team is experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated; providing all of our clients with the highest level of professional service and commitment during one of the biggest transactions of their lives.

What is a Buyers representative Agreement?

A Buyers representative Agreement is a document that a new Buyer signs with his/her realtor when we have both decided to start working together. It is our agreement that we will work in your best interest, and we only get paid what is offered by the Seller you have no out of pocket expenses.

What other expenses can I expect with Buying a home?

Common expenses to expect are: lawyer fees, land transfer tax, insurance, movers, and utility hook ups.

Do I need a home inspection?

The simple answer is yes. We recommend all our buyers hire a home inspector. We work with numerous inspectors that we can arrange for this service for you. It is an extra cost, however when putting an offer in to purchase your dream home; we want to make sure there is nothing hidden in the walls. Peace of mind that you know the condition of the home and are comfortable with any issues a home inspection can detect, or to give the seller a chance to repair before you firm up your offer.

What do I do if I want to make an offer on a home and my realtor advises me that my offer won’t be the only one?

It is quite likely your dream home is also someone else’s dream home. We advise we go into these situations with a plan. Know your budget ahead of time and offer based on your top amount you were pre-approved for.

First Time buyers

At The Costabile Group we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of each and every client. We especially enjoy working with those that have decided for the first time to buy a home. We have compiled a short list of some steps you should be taking in purchasing your first home!

We suggest that the first thing you should do is go the bank/mortgage broker and see if you qualify for a mortgage. If you really do not know where to start, ask one of our team members today for our recommended list of mortgage specialists. It amazes us everyday how much little details about your mortgage matters.

Once approved it’s a good time to hire a professional realtor and start the house hunting. Try interviewing one of Our Team members today. Your financial institute will be able to give you the amount you are able to spend on your home. As tempting as it may be, we will focus on homes that meet your budget and criteria. Remember this is your first home, but doesn’t need to be your last. Perhaps a good 5 year plan for your starter home is a good idea? Or maybe you have different goals, such as renting out an in-law suite in the basement?

Getting into the housing market in a good neighbourhood is a positive experience. This helps solidify your investment knowing if you ever had to resale your home, it should be easy! You can change the paint colour or plant a garden, but it is hard and expensive to add square footage or move your home into a better neighbourhood, we really could not stress the value of location enough.

Another point is how important it is to look at the total cost of the home from property taxes, utilities and day to day living cost – this is basically affordability. No one wants to be house poor so working together with one of our team members we will find a home meets your style and your budget.

What is A BRA?

You’ve been pre-approved, saved up your down-payment and decided to purchase a home, great! You’ve chosen an agent (hopefully The Costabile Group) and a Buyer Representation Agreement needs to be signed.

Wait, what? What is a Buyer Representation Agreement?

What is a BRA?

It’s simple really, but most people get scared and tense up when signing a document filled with a whole bunch of legal jargon that most don’t understand – its normal! That’s why we are here to help break it down. A BRA is a form that lays out on paper who is working for whom. When you sign a “buyer rep” with us, it’s clearly stated that we have your best interests in mind, we are working for you and only you during the transaction.

Do I have to sign a BRA?

The short answer is yes, however, you do not have to sign one before looking at properties. That being said, it is required before purchasing that new dream home. Now let’s discuss some of the benefits of signing one with us before searching for that dream home.

What is included in the BRA?

Some points listed within the BRA include setting out the type of property you are looking for (ie residential, commercial, etc), the geographic location, the services provided and the duration of the contract. But let’s lay out a few key points about the “buyer rep” aside from the aforementioned:

Representation or Multiple Representation

There are two types of representation that are laid out on the form that define the relationship that we have with you.

Single Representation: As a client, we have a responsibility to follow your instructions, protect your confidential information and promote and protect your best interests. To make the most of this relationship, it’s important to identify your needs and expectations in advance. Discuss what services you are looking for and determine whether our team is the right match for you. To avoid misunderstandings later on, don’t make any assumptions and be sure to list all details in writing. Remember our team has your best interests top of mind.

Multiple Representation: What if your looking at your new dream home that our team has listed – is this ok? The answer is yes, this is called multiple representation. As a team, we absolutely can keep both buyers & sellers best interests at heart. However, our team cannot provide opinions on motivations for each party involved or what you should offer/accept; we can offer you comparable properties, facts, figures and information that will help you make the best decision possible.
If you have any questions about the different types of client/customer relationships please don’t hesitate to ask one of our team members!


Do I pay a commission to my agent when I’m looking for my dream home? Unfortunately, some agents do charge a “finders fee”, however we do not! We always mark this section as “MLS agreed commission” meaning we only get paid what is being offered by the sellers. Buyer beware; some agents will mask their “finders fee” in this section by having a pre-determined commission percentage, therefore if that percentage isn’t what the sellers are offering on that particular home, then you as the buyer will have to pay the extra amount. The Costabile Group never signs you to a set commission when looking for a property so why not get free representation when looking for that dream home? It only benefits you in the long run!

Holdover Clause and Holdover Period

In the case of buyers, the holdover clause applies to properties that you were introduced to while you were under an agreement. Let’s say you signed a BRA to work with The Costabile Group and were shown or introduced to a number of homes, but you didn’t enter into a deal on a property before the agreement expired. You could then choose to work with a different brokerage, however if you decide to buy one of those properties during the holdover period (generally 60 to 90 days), you could also owe commission to the original brokerage. The determining factor is when you were first introduced to or shown the property.1

Whether or not you choose to sign a BRA before looking for your dream home, The Costabile Group will always work in your best interest. Contact one of our agents today to see what we can do for you.

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