For those who know me, and know me well, I was meant to be born in the 70’s. From the carefree, free range childhoods to the music scene that still to this day does not hold a match to any other decade. The decade of my dreams, more than likely because I was raised by parents of the 70’s so the pop-culture and music were what we listened to and experienced – similar to how the music and pop-culture from the 90’s are what I am showing to my kids. So when Vogue write Elise Taylor spoke about how the 70’s exotic and “questionable” design choices are coming back into style I knew I would be sharing it on the blog.

The Latest Interior Design Trends Are Inspired by the 1970s | Vogue, published in March talks about the influences and demand for 70’s style furniture, colour schemes and more, and I have to say I don’t necessarily agree. While the images
of the inspired spaces are stunning as editorials, to live every day with an avocado coloured floor, or furniture so low that granny will need to tuck and roll to get out it just doesn’t sit right with me. Would I call it an “aesthetic crime against humanity”? Well I wouldn’t go that far. 

I love a good pop of colour in any space. An avocado coloured chair? Now that’s something I can get behind! 

The article continues to cite COVID as the reason for the surge in style! With more relaxed style not only in design concepts but also in fashion.

“Overnight, many made a literal move to working and living in one place. “People felt a need for a relaxed environment—so, nothing hard on the eyes, and a place that has an immediate comfortable feel,” he says. The ’70s, with their warm color schemes (brown, in particular, is known for its mentally grounding effect), wide-open rooms, and sit-and-sink-into furniture, was the perfect period to take cues from

What do you think? Are you here for the 70’s style?

– Jacqui